Wind Energy

Durable OEM Solutions

As wind energy gains acceptance worldwide as being the safest and least detrimental to the environment, better and more effective manufacturing is required to be competitive with power generated by other methods.

Plexus offers specialised structural adhesives for the design and manufacture of wind blades, turbine housing assemblies, lightening suppression systems and other industry related applications

  • Revolutionising Wind Turbine Construction
  • Chemically Fuse Composites
  • Superior Bond Strength and Resistance
  • Little or no Surface Preparation
  • Dramatically Reduce Assembly costs
  • Assembly Adhesives

By chemically fusing the composite stiffener spars and perimeter flange joints, Plexus increased peel resistance, cycle fatigue and reduces damage encountered during
transportation. Room temperature snap cure properties have helped to increase production rates, reduce capital expenses and energy costs associated with post bake ovens needed for some epoxies


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