European Technical Centre

The Plexus European Technical Centre was launched to offer customers a facility that would deliver comprehensive and technically proven solutions.

Within the fully equipped laboratory we have the capability to carry out tensile, impact, fatigue thermal, climatic and environmental testing on our customers own substrates, enabling adhesive selection to be specific to the customers needs. The laboratory also has the facilities to test primary and secondary adhesive characteristics, ensuring product quality at all times.

Plexus is able to provide a rapid assessment of the customer’s requirements and provides recommendations based on the specific needs of the customer. By using our extensive data base of materials and application testing along with the expertise of trained personnel, efficient selection and advice on adhesives can be offered.


The technical staff are laboratory based with extensive experience in the field. Their market and application specialisation ensures they are always on hand to offer advice on product selection, testing requirements and bulk dispensing queries.

The resulting combination of resources and experienced personnel provides a unique partnership approach with our customers which Plexus puts at the heart of all its customer relationships.


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